Francis Solar Careers


Brand Ambassador, Sales, Marketing, and Technical Design Entry-Level/Part-time Positions

Get your foot or your whole self in the door to your career in renewable energy today! Positions are not mutually exclusive and we urge all applicants to be brand ambassadors and to earn commissions canvassing your community and attending marketing events. Make some extra cash while you build your design portfolio, put your engineering degree to work in an exciting industry, or have fun and meet interesting people while building up your business management resume! Learn how renewables and a renewable energy business work while doing your part to move the planet to a more sustainable tomorrow.

Location/Market(s): San Antonio, Tulsa

Description and Duties:

Attend renewable energy functions, interacting with interested citizens and attendees
Attend other marketing events as a brand and technology ambassador
Assist in event coordinating and execution
Assist in grassroots brand and technology marketing and recruitment
Door-to-door canvassing to set appointments for potential customers to meet with a trained Francis Solar representative.
Attend sales events and be a brand and technology ambassador with potential customers
Writing opportunities
Document review and generation
Creative and marketing material review and generation
Technical design and design review
Digital and manual file submissions to city, utility, web portal, etc.

Skills and Traits:

  • Passion for technology and renewable energy - solar, smart homes, electric vehicles, energy storage, etc.

  • A general passion, energy, and drive in life and career

  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills

  • Strong technical, math, computer, written, business, workplace, and digital media skills a major bonus

  • Organized, resilient, and communicative also major bonuses