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Energize a Community

Francis Solar has a variety of options available for your community energy needs, from solar and EV charging to energy monitoring and energy storage. Community-wide integration of renewable energy infrastructure has countless advantages. Let Francis leverage our unique experience for you that benefits all homeowners and stakeholders alike. See some of the benefits below and call Francis today.

Solar Community

The Value

Community-scale solar comes in many forms, and can offer savings to the homeowners below the cost of buying solar on their own. Integrated into each home at build-time, homeowners have a visceral energy experience with it on their roof and they see real home value increases - plus the cost of the solar is financed with their home offering net-positive savings in most cases. Coupled with energy storage, energy monitoring, and EV charging, the community of tomorrow can save you money today and make a minimal impact on the grid and the planet.


The Advantage

Solar, EV, monitoring, and storage systems can be woven into the fabric of a community easier than you may think. While designing a community from the ground up with responsible energy in mind has its advantages, any community can see benefits. Community-wide storage systems are far more affordable than per-home installations, and can be more resilient. The grid of the future is a micro-grid, and consists of our home batteries and our electric vehicles serving as the energy storage from our solar arrays, and all these systems are interconnected through fiber data lines and power lines, moving energy from one battery to another home, and then from one solar array back to a car, as the need or surplus constantly shifts. This community will see cleaner energy, cheaper energy, and more resilient energy.


Francis Fact

The silicon used in solar panels is the 8th most prevalent element in the crust of the earth.

A Name You Can Trust

Francis Solar is filled with industry professionals and passionate members dedicated to not only building the most trustworthy energy assets and management systems for your home, but also to making the shopping, purchasing, and ownership of solar as simple and comfortable as possible.

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