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Francis Solar has a variety of options available for your solar energy needs, from solar and EV charging to energy monitoring and home energy storage. Now is the time to join the renewable energy revolution. Contact us for a custom solar design proposal.


The Advantage

Call Francis Solar today and one of our sales representatives can tell you within minutes how much solar can fit on your home, how much of your energy it will cover, how much it will cost, and if financing is available for you. Your solution can come with energy storage for outages, EV charging, energy monitoring, and a comprehensive service plan. If this is within your goals and budget, that same sales representative will come to your home to inspect the location and give you a final price and a customized information packet, and to answer any questions you may have. Powered by the Francis Solar sales and design app, your representative will provide accurate pricing quickly for a custom system you can trust, from a name you can trust.


The Value

Our world-class design and engineering team will be connected to your representative through the cloud and our very own sales, analysis, and design app platform. This means that while you and your representative are discussing options, we will be modeling your home and array in 3D space, selecting the best equipment and designing the best possible system for your space and your needs, and ensuring it complies with the strictest of electrical, fire, and structural codes and building standards. This system and the pricing will be fed back to the sales representative in real-time, meaning that you have the assurance that the pricing you receive is accurate, and that the system truly suits your needs in the safest and most efficient way possible.


Francis Fact

The average useful lifespan of a solar panel is over 30 years. In fact, there are solar panels placed in service in the 1970's that are still generating electricity today!

A Name You Can Trust

Francis Solar is filled with industry professionals and passionate members dedicated to not only building the most trustworthy energy assets and management systems for your home, but also to making the shopping, purchasing, and ownership of solar as simple and comfortable as possible.

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