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Energy Monitoring

The Power to See

Energy monitoring by Francis Solar provides clarity and insight into your energy ecosystem. You can see what power you use and when you use it, and see what power you produce and when you produce it. This can not only improve your energy performance but also inform you and Francis on the best next steps to take toward energy independence.


Monitor Electricity Consumption

A monitoring package allows you to see your energy in real-time, and to gain insight into energy consumption throughout the day and the year.

Home Energy
Solar Production
solar panel

Compare Usage To Production

In the same device, you can view the energy generated by your PV system. This comparison allows you to see total solar production as compared to current usage. 

The Power of Data

No solar? No problem!

Monitor your home energy usage.

Monitor usage and production in one portal.

See your balance of energy at any time, in one place.

Control appliances and generators remotely.

Control systems can be added to turn appliances on or off.

Watch for faults or changes to your energy.

Unexpected usage patterns can indicate faulty appliances. 


Make Use Of Your Data

Long term usage data can give you an exact model in which to design a site specific battery backup system or inform you of faulty or overused appliances. 


Automatic Feedback

If anything seems unusual about your energy system, both you and Francis will receive a notification, and Francis will be in contact to correct the issue.