Cherokee Solar Canopy and EV Charging

Project Highlight: Cherokee Solar Canopy and EV Charging

Cherokee Nation’s new solar-covered charging station is located in the main parking lot of the W.W. Keeler Tribal Complex. It is capable of charging up to eight electric vehicles, provides covered parking for 16 vehicles, and also provides about 58,000 kilowatt hours (kWh) of electricity to the tribal complex each year, equivalent to the amount of electricity needed to power five or more homes.


Cherokee Solar EV Charging“Embracing solar panels and adding electric vehicles to our fleet is consistent with Cherokee Nation’s leadership in clean-energy usage and carbon-footprint reduction,” Cherokee Nation Principal Chief Bill John Baker said. “Cherokee Nation is the first tribal government in Oklahoma to build and utilize a solar canopy like this. We have always been good stewards of the land, and this is another example of exceptional natural resource conservation, a legacy established by our ancestors. Additionally, the structure’s design enhances the beautification efforts we have made at the tribal complex.”

Cherokee Solar EV Charging


This project features:

  • 43 kW Solar Canopy - Carport featuring Silfab solar modules
  • Inverters and solar monitoring by Fronius
  • 4x Dual-Port Level 2 EV Chargers by Clipper Creek
  • RainGuard
  • Paint Finish
  • Stone Veneer

Francis solar is proud to offer continued service and support to the Cherokee people in their efforts for responsible energy.


Cherokee Solar EV Charging