Tulsa Solar

Project Highlight: Tulsa City-County Library

Tulsa City-County Library


As part of the renovation package for the historic TCCL building, including energy efficiency measures and upgraded building technology, Francisdesigned and constructed a 95 kW solar photovoltaic array. This system, consisting of 285 solar panels, sits quietly on the roof of the building and is expected to produce power without fail for well over 25 years. The solar panels not only produce over 130,000 kWh per year - enough electricity to fully power 12 homes - but also shades the roof of the building, helping reduce the load on the cooling system.

Solar Monitoring and Controls


The solar array’s location was not without unique challenges. Because it sits within the downtown’s network-style power grid, Francis had to custom engineer a curtailment system to prevent any of the solar power from being exported back into the grid, thus eliminating any possible compatibility issues with the electrical infrastructure in the urban core. Francis designed and built a system that uses utility-grade monitoring, multiple system meters, and automated curtailment controls to ensure the reliability of both the system and the local electric service.

Tulsa Solar

This Project Features:

  • 95kW Rooftop Solar Array on City Structure in Urban Core
    • Solar panels provided by Suniva
    • Inverters provided by Solectria
  • Guaranteed No-Export Solar Installation and Remote System Monitoring
    • Curtailment system and controls powered by AlsoEnergy

The Francis Solar Scope:

  • Renewable energy system designs/development
  • System engineering and installation
  • Energy modeling and LEED consultancy
  • “No-Export” design, engineering, and installation
  • Whole-building consumption and production monitoring