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Energy Storage

Energy Storage

At Francis Solar, we recognize that Energy Storage Systems (ESS) will be a disruptive technology in how we produce, pay for, and consume electricity. For a typical solar system, excess energy produced by the system is transmitted back to the utility grid (net metering). Because many utilities will not pay you for the true cost of solar power transmitted back to the grid, energy storage systems provide a cost-effective alternative – in other words, instead of sending excess energy back to the grid, you use that energy to charge your batteries, which can be deployed when the sun is not shining, effectively creating a 24-hour power plant in your home or business! Moreover, as long as your ESS is 100% charged by your solar system, a 30% federal tax credit is available, further driving down the costs of ownership. Call us today to see how energy storage from Francis can break your reliance upon the traditional grid, protect you from outages, and even save you money.


Power Through Outages

Batteries and energy storage can not only provide power when the grid is down, they can reduce power flickers that can be harmful to equipment

Power Outage
Whole Home

Whole Home Solutions

Energy storage systems can provide 24/7 power in scenarios where the grid is unavailable or would be costly to make available.

The Power to Choose

As a Tesla Powerwall™ certified installer and with partnerships with several other ESS suppliers, you have a range of options to choose from when considering your ESS needs.


These systems - like the Powerwall™ - are simple, affordable installations that require little custom engineering and can benefit any facility. They provide energy storage and backup power on-demand.

Custom off-grid solutions

These offer layers of redundancy and guaranteed "time of autonomy", although tend to require in-depth analysis and custom engineering to ensure proper design and sizing.

Back up your home with a Tesla Powerwall Today!

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Flatten Peaks

When connected to the grid, batteries and energy storage systems can shift grid usage to off-peak hours - saving dollars and reducing grid stress.

Flatten Peaks
Solar Panels

Go 100% Renewable

Energy storage systems are generally the only way to provide 100% of your energy needs from solar.