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Successfully delivering a utility-scale solar project can be extraordinarily complicated. Throughout the process, a limitless number of decisions are made that ultimately affect a project’s ability to realize its financial and production goals. How do you ensure site use is optimized? How can construction costs be minimized? How can you be confident the energy production goals will be met? Power plant technology is a key success factor, and high-quality, easy-to-install technology can ensure the highest ROI. Studies show that faulty components are a leading cause of failures - and 55% of plant defects can be attributed to faulty installation.

Francis designs and deploys solar energy resources and long-term assets to meet your grid service needs.



Utility-scale solar has been generating reliable, clean energy with a stable fuel price for more than two decades. Solar power plants can be developed in a way that balances environmental protection with our energy demands. By enacting federal policies to accelerate growth of utility-scale solar, we can create jobs nationwide and quickly diversify America’s energy portfolio. It’s also clear that the United States needs to do more to address the problem of climate change, and do so quickly. The solar industry is ready now to deploy clean energy, and developing utility-scale solar power is one of the fastest ways to reduce carbon pollution in the atmosphere.



Many utility-scale solar designs can also include built-in storage capacity that provides power even when the sun is not shining, like traditional power plants. Utility customers have repeatedly endorsed investments in utility-scale solar plants. Today 528 MW of CSP are in operation across the US. Large photovoltaic plants operate across the country as well, totaling 2,892 MW. And more solar power is on the way: more than 26,000 MW of utility-scale solar power projects are under development in the U.S., enough to power more than 4.3 million households.


Francis Fact

The potential to harness the sun as a source of energy was first discovered by Alexandre Edmond Becquerel in 1839. He discovered the photovoltaic effect, where an electrical current in a conductor that’s hit by the sun’s rays generates electricity.

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Francis Solar is filled with industry professionals and passionate members dedicated to not only building the most trustworthy energy assets and management systems for you, but also to making the shopping, purchasing, and ownership of solar as simple and comfortable as possible.

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